Together we will do it.

We would have never imagined to find ourselves facing such a hard time. Our wonderful Milan and our whole country are fighting both to guarantee the proper healthcare to all its citizens and to preserve the economy.

Our 23 showrooms are temporarily closed to the public, but Centrufficio operational headquarter, as well as its logistic dept. are still operative.         

Many of us took days off, others work from home in smart working, others again keep going to work to continue the production and the deliveries. It is already three weeks that Centrufficio is adopting all the safety & security protocols, which were then launched with the Protocol of March 14th at national level, to guarantee the health of its workers, clients and collaborators.

The few employers who still go to our headquarter are provided with all the necessary precautions: gloves, masks, thermometers at the entrance, disinfectant gels and constant sanitization systems. We guarantee minimum distances, drivers can not leave their vehicles and we do not allow the external personnel to enter our offices.

In this difficult period, we are having the opportunity to ascertain even more the quality of each of our employees, who are, in all ways, close to the BoD, rowing all in the same direction to the motto of “together we will do it”.

We must work hard to get out of this crisis and to help all the medical staff who is making Italy going on. For this reason, we have decided to grant an extra day off to all the employees who decide to go and donate blood. It is a small action, but little things make a big difference and we want to do our best to give our little contribution every day to our beloved Italy.

We know it will be a long and hard path, but we are strong and will come out of this stronger than before.

 We are Made in Italy. We are Made in Milan!