Made in Italy

Why choose a Made in Italy product?

Structural certificates

Most of our products are certified under CATAS according to the latest UNI standards on safety, stability and solidity.

You can download the certificates at the following link: Product certificates.

Environmental certificates

The panels we use for the production of our furniture have PEFC environmental certificates, as well as E1 certification for low formaldehyde emission.

Seats can be made with fire-resistant fabrics, with fire-response certification in class 1. In addition, many seats have class 1IM approval issued by the Ministry of Interior.


Our products are designed and conceived by a Design Office and an internal R&D department, composed of 3 designers dedicated to the creation of new lines and one designer dedicated to customised furniture design.

Design in office furniture is a wholly Italian excellence, which comprises not only the aesthetic aspect of products and projects, but also the technical composition of the structural elements, high quality and technology.


The perception is that a product made in Italy costs more than an imported product.

This is not true: with the same technical characteristics, the Italian product has the same or even lower price than the imported product.

This is because, in recent years, the dollar has risen steadily against the euro, gradually nullifying the economic advantage of purchases made in dollars.

The guarantee of continuity of production and availability of components

Centrufficio spa offers a guarantee of continuity for many products: so in 10 years’ time you will be able to fill your offices with the same furnishings as purchased today.

In addition, if a component needs to be replaced, this can be done in a very short time, unlike with imported furniture, whose components – if available – take months to reach their destination.