A new operative desk has been introduced by our R&D sector: a complete and versatile furniture system, which perfectly suits this post-Covid transition phase.

In fact, Bramante is a bench system with integrated side cabinets (under the desk) which allow a greater distance between the desks in line, even if included in the same composition.

The metal structure is composed of two bridge legs, mounted with a particular 45 ° inclination, which gives movement and originality to the system.


The peculiarity of Bramante is also the creation of particular open cabinets with particular asymmetries in the positioning of the shelves, to give the system both originality and a greater functionality. They are available both in the tall, medium and low versions of the cabinets, and in the side cabinets.

To ensure the frontal distance among operators, sound-absorbing or plexiglass screens are available: they can be installed inside metal partition shelves, with an original appearance reminding the IPE beams.

They are available from today on for immediate delivery in the moon white, reina walnut and oak collins finishes and, for the metal parts, in white and anthracite colors.

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Bramante Meeting

Bramante Glass