For years Centrufficio S.p.A. has undertaken a precise process to limit the effects that its production may have on the environment.

This process is based on 2 different action areas:

– actions on production

– actions on products

The “actions on production” are related to all those operations whose aim is to limit all the possible negative effects on the environment because of the use of machinary, transport or energy resources during the usual working activity.

This area, also thanks to the obtaining of the UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental certification, includes all the structural operations related to the office, the transport and the machinery, such as:

– the placement of photovoltaic panels in the stocks of Cologno Monzese, Pioltello, Modena e Vicenza, as well as in the branches of Brescia, Modena and Vicenza;

– the placement, in the headquarter in Pioltello, of charging stations for electric cars and the purchasing of the first electric cars, which are going to substitute the whole car park that today counts about 60 cars;

– the promotion among employees of the use green vehicles, first of all bicycles, which are provided of their own parking, and the availability of other means;

– the creation of a green space around the new headquarter in Pioltello of about 2000mq of which 200mq are used as vegetable garden, which is looked after the employees themselves, who have the right to pick vegetables for their own use and consumption;

– the use in all the offices of low consumption LED lamps, as well as double or triple windows glass with low thermal transmittance profiles to save energy both during the summer and the winter

– the promotion among all the employees of reducing to a minimum the use of paper and toner

The “actions on the products” are related to the raw materials and packagings used for the production of our products. Centrufficio S.p.A is one of the first italian companies that decided to follow the Minimum Environmental Criteria, promoted by the Ministery of the Environment, which includes a series of provisions linked to the use of formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and other potentially harmful substances.

All our panels come from controlled forests, they have certifications such as  PEFC. Our melamine panels are certified CARB and produce very low emissions of formaldehyde; furthermore, the paints used are epoxy paints and for this reason they do not contain volatile organic compounds.

In the packaging of all our production lines NO PLASTIC IS USED but only a thin film on glass surfaces to avoid scratches and to keep together bigger pallets: the angles covering our panels are in coardboard, as well as the packagings themselves.

During the creation of our products, disassembly instructions are created so that all the materials can be recycled at the end of the life cycle of the furniture.

Finally, we are slowly reducing the use of plastic in the products themselves, preferring the use of metal feets for desks and cabinets as well as metal seat bases.

Last but not least, in a view of CIRCUALR ECONOMY, our R&S team, in collaboration with other realities across the furniture sector, is developing new materials to make the reuse of waste possible.